The 'Fantastic Salon Profit Formula' - Ultimate Business Programme with Alan Austin-Smith

The 'Fantastic Salon Profit Formula' - Ultimate Business Programme with Alan Austin-Smith

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Course Overview:

The 'Ultimate Salon Growth Formula' is a 14 week online business programme, with a licensed Fantastic Hairdresser coach guiding you every step of the way. 

We call it a formula because it's been drawn from Alan's 40+ years of extensive knowledge, working with salon businesses of all shapes and sizes - and from that, he's created this tried and tested, step by step 'formula' that has been proven to achieve dramatic growth in profit.
Any salon owner who is finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused, passionate and profitable! 
It’s all about action - consistent action!! 
There are two key elements to success - knowledge and action. We've all been on training courses and programme's over the years - however, the question is, how much action are you taking or have taken from these? 
To get the focus, passion and profit back in your business we need knowledge, we need skills but most of all we need action - that’s why we’ve developed the 'Ultimate Salon Growth Formula'.

A step by step online training programme spread over 14 weekly modules - each week you will follow a specific structure including certain tasks and actions to put into place. 
The programme will be based around the following 4 areas:

·         A/ It all starts by understanding the balance of your business right now, what’s working - what isn’t, where are the gaps that may be inhibiting your success and where do you need to develop your leadership skills. Working directly with your actual figures and business information (something we can’t do on a live programme) we will help you to build your 2-year strategy to achieve the profit you want, using online planning tools that we have never been able to use in live programmes.

·         B/ As you have heard me say many times - the team is critical and the issues surrounding attracting young people and keeping the ones we have, remains a huge issue. We will help you to develop your business from the ground up to make you attractive to people who want to work in the industry, and we'll show you how to build a following that can influence young people to consider hairdressing as a career and to work with you.

·         C/ It’s one thing to attract people, it’s another to keep them and the 3rd part of the programme is based around how to increase engagement with the team, as well as provide you with downloadable practical resources to help make your team communication more effective and finally to ensure your training programmes are relevant to the needs of both your team and your salon in today's new world.

·         D/ The final part of the programme is to ensure that everything is in line with your culture, that you are providing what you offer at consistently high standards and that you have a clear plan of action over the next 12 months to position yourself for success. Once we reach this point, we will then look at the final piece of the puzzle -how to add a dynamic marketing strategy to your business plan to make sure everyone knows how ‘fantastic’ you are!

You get your own online/phone coach working with you throughout the whole of the programme, to guarantee you put everything into action, answer any questions you have and keep you focused and motivated!
We all still love a bit of live though don't we! 
Not only will you get all of the above but you also have up to 3 places for yourself and any senior members of the team to attend Alan's signature 'Fantastic Boss' course.
Nothing to do with being bossy but everything to do with achieving fantastic results! Learn the in's & out's of becoming a strong, effective leader! 
The most critical factor for success in the salon industry is your team - everything you need to be right in your salon comes back to the team. Quality of work, the customer experience, salon atmosphere, consistency, and of course most of all, the sales you need to make the profit you want.
This means that it's actually the leadership of your team that makes the difference between a good salon and a fantastic salon!
The industry best selling book, The Fantastic Hairdresser was followed by Alan's second book, The Fantastic Boss (It's nothing to do with being bossy!) where he helps you to develop your leadership skills to get the very best out of your team.
In this unique opportunity to spend a day with Alan, he will be bringing the book to life using an insightful model he calls Business Alchemy to help your business stand out from the crowd.
Hopefully now you can see why we call it the Ultimate! 
Course Dates & Duration: 
- Ultimate Salon Growth Formula programme: 14 weeks 
- Fantastic Hairdresser Licensed Coach: 14 weeks
- Fantastic Boss Event (Up to 3 places included - Salon Owner/Manager level): 10-4pm on Tuesday 16th May
If you have any questions, please email us at: and we'll be happy to help.