The Fantastic Hairdresser - Live Event with Alan Austin-Smith

The Fantastic Hairdresser - Live Event with Alan Austin-Smith

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The Fantastic Hairdresser - LIVE Event with Alan Austin-Smith

Course Overview:

'50% of what makes us fantastic at our job, has nothing to do with skill - it's the 'other stuff' - communication, confidence, creativity, self motivation etc.'

This full day course is based on the industry's best selling book (also known as The Hairdressers Bible), and presented by the man himself - International Best Selling Author and Speaker, Alan Austin-Smith.

Alan has updated and revamped this favourite signature course to engage, inspire, motivate and give a good kick up the bottom!


The '7 Characteristics of a Fantastic Hairdresser'...
Suitable for any member of the team, in any role, from juniors, beauty therapists and front of house team to salon owners.

During this one day course, in his own powerful and thought provoking way, Alan will be teaching the following 7 characteristics:

A 'Fantastic Hairdresser'...

  1. has Passion: recognises the difference between their 'job' and what they 'do' as well as why they do it!
  2. Delights: understands it's all about delight, not just service - you can't just wow people on Tuesdays! You have to be consistent.
  3. Inspires: asks the right questions, listens and helps where possible.
  4. is an Ambassador: has high values for themselves, their salon and their industry. 
  5. is a Performer: you may be ill, hungover, tired etc. but when you're on the salon floor, you're on stage, 'act' like it! 
  6. is Alive Inside: knows where they're going and has no limits! Motivation and energy comes from you, not other people.
  7. is Always Learning: understands that they need to be consistently learning new things and taking action. Learning is the first step - not the last!
This is a fantastic motivational day to get the whole team focused and on the singing off the same hymn sheet! 

Course Dates & Duration: 
- 10am-4pm on Monday 15th May

If you have any questions, please email us at: and we'll be happy to help.