The Business of Brides - A course by award winning Simon Hill
The Business of Brides - A course by award winning Simon Hill

The Business of Brides - A course by award winning Simon Hill

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A Simon Hill Course


Stylist: Simon Hill

image: Melody

Course Overview

Today, more and more females in the UK have long hair. Popular amongst clients and celebrities alike, long hair gives clients the option to style their hair to suit any occasion and as a result, bridal hair and long hair styling in general is an extremely lucrative business asset to salon owners in today's market. Brides can provide a salon with a steady income over a period of around six months to a year. Salon owners who capitalise on this, stand to bring in thousands of pounds more in revenue each year. A bride's journey begins from the engagement announcement and follows through until the wedding day. The average bridal journey depending on the length of time before the wedding can include cutting, colouring, treatments through to the trial and wedding day.

With such an incredible opportunity to grow your salons revenue and work with a new market of clients, bridal hair is a lucrative path you ought to explore.


Course Duration

This is a one-day course 

Arrive 9am 

Start 10am Finish 4.30pm

Course Content

Throughout this course you will gain an in depth understanding of how to capitalise on the bridal hair market. You will learn about the opportunities available to earn during the journey leading up to the wedding day for the bride and her bridal party. In addition to learning the ins and outs of how to turn bridal hair into a great source of income, you will learn the latest bridal trends, styling techniques, etiquette as a hair stylist, the art of networking within the industry. With the opportunity to work on a dolls head and receive personalised tips and tricks from Simon.