“The Perfect Client” Inc Retail and communication - In-House Training. Delivered by Ross Miller and Emil McMahon

“The Perfect Client” Inc Retail and communication - In-House Training. Delivered by Ross Miller and Emil McMahon

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Course Overview – Salon Specific in-house day.

Delivered by Ross Miller and Emil McMahon.

Don't look for new clients or more clients, let us show you how to work better with the clients you have...

And, now we will teach you how to have a more complete salon focus on the services and aftercare and communication.

includes: not only a Fantastic Coach but a retail expert also in this day.

Don’t sell Vol 1 and Vol 2

MTA bring you a fantastic education slot for those Salons that are confident with clients, but still can’t seem to get the most from their retail business. Let us give you the tools to increase your business.

By combining "The Perfect Client Course" with Retail and Communication, you will have the perfect day.

This is about not selling!

Course Duration Full day 9.30am till 5.30pm

Course Content

Don’t Sell

Today’s clients don’t want their hairdresser to sell them anything, but they do want to have product recommendations and advice.

If salons take a fresh approach to the concept of retailing and ditch selling for telling then clients are more willing to engage with the stylist and communicate about their home care routine, and by default they purchase more products from the salon.

Stop selling, it’s not creative. Start telling, this allows for a more natural approach to talking about products, which in turn makes hairdressers feel more comfortable and relaxed, and makes clients enjoy the salon experience without feeling like they are being hard sold products.

By creating engaging communication about hair care, clients are less likely to browse the internet and purchase products online, instead they listen to their hairdresser and take on board the recommendations in a more positive way.

Don’t Sell is an easy way to learn the hints and tips that make retailing an intrinsic and organic part of the time spent with each client.

The Perfect Client

Bringing both of these together will allow you to have a clear plan and focus for your team and your business to grow and develop into the key areas that build your revenue with existing clients.

Course includes:

Don’t sell Vol 1 and Vol 2