2 places on First Aid at Work Level 3 qualification MTA241 – 3 day course
2 places on First Aid at Work Level 3 qualification MTA241 – 3 day course

2 places on First Aid at Work Level 3 qualification MTA241 – 3 day course

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First Aid at Work Level 3: Equipping Workplace Heroes at MTA Academy in Falkirk


Empowering Individuals of responsibility with Essential First Aid Skills in the Workplace


In any professional setting, it is vital to have individuals who can respond promptly and effectively during emergencies. That's where the First Aid at Work Level 3 training comes into play. Offered at the MTA Academy in Falkirk, this regulated qualification equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of emergency situations in the workplace. Let's explore the significance of First Aid at Work Level 3 and how it can make a positive impact.


This comprehensive training program is designed to prepare individuals to take on the role of a designated first aider in their workplace. It covers a broad range of essential first aid topics, including CPR, using automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and various medical emergencies. It provides learners with the skills and confidence to assist someone who is unresponsive and breathing, unresponsive and not breathing (including AED use), choking, bleeding, suffering from shock, burns, feeling faint, poisoned, experiencing head injuries, hypothermia or heat exhaustion, and injuries to bones, muscles, or joints (including spinal injuries).


Additionally, participants will also learn how to provide assistance to a casualty experiencing a seizure, heart attack, angina attack, stroke, asthma attack, severe allergic reaction, or diabetic emergency.


The training comprises of  a one-day online pre-study session  followed by two days of practical in-person training at the state-of-the-art MTA Academy facility in Falkirk.

Experienced instructors guide learners through practical demonstrations, scenario-based exercises, and written assessments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the concepts.


First Aid at Work Level 3 is a regulated qualification accredited by authorised awarding bodies. It aligns with the requirements set by regulatory bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom. Successful completion of the training at MTA Academy results in a recognised qualification certificate, valid for three years.


Implementing First Aid at Work Level 3 in the workplace offers numerous benefits. By having qualified first aiders who are equipped to handle various emergency situations, including anaphylactic reactions, organisations can ensure immediate and appropriate assistance, potentially saving lives and minimising the impact of severe allergic responses. It creates a safer work environment, boosts employee confidence, and demonstrates a strong commitment to health and safety.


By providing individuals with First Aid at Work Level 3 training at MTA Academy, organisations empower their employees to become workplace heroes. These first aiders can confidently take charge during critical moments, providing crucial support until professional medical help arrives. Their skills and knowledge significantly contribute to the well-being of colleagues and visitors, instilling a sense of security and trust in the workplace.


To equip yourself or your team with the essential skills of First Aid at Work Level 3, including anaphylaxis training, contact MTA Academy today. Email us at info@mtaeducation.scot call on  07932373652 or visit our website at www.mtaeducation.scot. Take the next step towards creating a safer work environment and join us at MTA Academy in Falkirk. Empower yourself and make a difference in your workplace by enrolling now to become a workplace hero!


First Aid Training for all your team

You will also find details about the Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Training, a one-day course highly recommended for individuals who interact with clients and the general public.