Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only
Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only
Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only
Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only
Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only
Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only

Ben Brown Core 12 Cutting Program 1 place only

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MTA and Ben Brown Education have partnered up to bring you the best cutting education at the most amazing opportunity price…

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic collaboration opportunity that we believe will greatly benefit your salon and staff members.

We have partnered with Ben Brown Education UK to offer an exclusive promotion on his highly acclaimed Core Cutting 12-week program.

This is a unique chance for your team to enhance their skills and expertise in a cost-effective manner.

Our 12 week core cutting program is modelled on the colour specialist programs, how so?

It’s one lesson a week for 12 weeks!! All classes are live and online, all classes will be recorded so each participant can watch the tutorial as many times as they need.

All tutorials will be added to a private instagram page 

Each week the participants will be tasked with a lesson, this lesson will have theory as well as practical assessments.


Each participant will send me pictures and videos of their shape. Based on this each person may get feedback and may need to redo aspects of their shape. The idea is to get results and not just pass things that need more work, I will communicate with each person if they need additional help.

Key Program Details:

WED 10th JAN 2024 6:00 PM - WED 27th MARCH 2024 6:00 PM

Program: Core Cutting 12-week program, with online interaction.

Offer: Buy One Place for £495.00 or

Get a Second Place for just £100 more - total £595.00 for 2 places.

Instructor: Ben Brown, renowned industry expert


Week one January 10th

6pm 3 hours
Subject - A line Bob with fringe.


Week two January 17th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Long shag


Week three January 24th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Face framing layers


Week four  January 31st

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Graduated Bob


Week five February 7th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Classic short Graduation


Week six February 14th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Bob with Layers


Week seven February 21th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Short Graduated Pixie


Week eight February 28th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Bob with Pixie Fringe


Week nine March 6th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Classic Firefly


Week ten March 13th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Short Layered Pixie


Week eleven March 20th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Practical Disconnection


Week twelve  March 27th

6pm 2 hours
Subject - Visual Disconnection



How does it work?

This is not compulsory!  If you don't want to cut along or do the haircut after the class you don't have to, you will get more out of the class if you submit you cuts to Ben as he can assess and help you if you need any feedback.

A video showing you how to submit your haircut will be added to the CORE19 private instagram page helping show you how to film your end result and how to take pictures.


Firstly Ben is here to coach you not judge, he will message you personally and help you with explanations and advice. You may need to recut or tweak your result to pass.


Ben won't be able to watch you step by step but all the tutorials will be added to the CORE12 instagram page so you can take your time. 


Ben will email you to welcome you and get some info, things like what you want to get from this course, Ben will send you all your info on where to get mannequin heads from using his discount code.



  • •Scissors
  • •Comb
  • •Hairdryer
  • •Straighteners
  • •Denman or less brush for wrap drying
  • •Round ceramic brush
  • •Tripod or clamp
  • •Mannequin heads you'll need around 7 heads, you will be able to get at least 2 cuts from each mannequin, Ben will email you link and discount code once you are confirmed
  • •Water Spray
  • •Access to zoom

No problem you can watch it in the CORE12 instagram page, the benefit of the watching live is you can ask Ben questions as he is working.


To take advantage of this exclusive offer and secure your places, simply click on shop link below to get signed up for individual or you 2 places.

We encourage you to act swiftly as limited spots are available, and we anticipate a high level of interest in this program. 

We believe that this collaboration with Ben Brown Education UK presents a unique opportunity for your salon professionals to further their education and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Further info can be found online shop about any assessment opportunities, equipment required, or any other queries you may have, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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